Wood textures are perfect for achieving an earthy look. And just like their natural counterparts, there is a wide range of variations to choose from.

Consider the nearly endless array of colors and grain patterns. They provide us with plenty of room for customization. In addition, we can even go beyond what we see in nature.

But wood is more than just a background player. Designers are using also using it front and center in their presentations. Wooden objects can be the star of the show. And when combined with CSS and JavaScript, some incredible effects can take things to the next level.

Today, we’ll show you eight CSS and JavaScript snippets that creatively use wood textures. You might be surprised by what you see. Let’s get started!

Glass & Wooden Pegs WebGL Fragment Shader by byt3_m3chanic

This trippy interactive animation uses shaders powered by WebGL. The glass and wood textures were generated via mathematical equations. Amazingly, no external libraries or frameworks are being used here.

See the Pen Glass and Wooden Pegs / WebGL Fragment Shader by byt3_m3chanic

CSS 3D Guitar with Texture Variation by S. Shahriar

We mentioned all the potential variations that wood offers. This customizable guitar serves as proof. Use the controls to change the color and tweak the viewing angle to your liking. The look is incredibly detailed, while the animation is silky-smooth.

See the Pen CSS 3D Guitar with 5 texture variation 🎸 by S. Shahriar

Radio Buttons With Marble & Wood by Jon Kantner

On the surface, this is a rather simple form using styled radio buttons. But it’s also a clever way to blend the form’s UI into the woodgrain background. As you click on different options, the little blue marble “drops” into place – similar to a game of Chinese checkers.

See the Pen Radio Buttons With Marble and Wood by Jon Kantner

CSS Wooden Collector’s Cabinet by Lynn Fisher

The sheer volume of textures here is impressive. This wooden knick-knack shelf features tons of objects – all of them using unique textures. As you might expect, it takes quite a bit of CSS to power this snippet. The source code shows over 2,000 lines of it!

See the Pen CSS collector’s cabinet by Lynn Fisher

The Pool Table by Joshua van Boxtel

Care for a game of billiards? This interactive pool table makes wonderful use of wood. Between the textures on the table and flooring, it creates an authentic look. And the fact that you can play the game makes it all the more fun.

See the Pen The Pool Table [CPC – Bump] by Joshua van Boxtel

CSS Old TV Set by Roque Ribeiro

This example creates a full-room aesthetic. The lighting effects are outstanding, with the old-school television and wooden stand casting shadows. It’s almost like taking a step back in time!

See the Pen CSS OLD TV by Roque Ribeiro

Rotating To-Do List by Mark Boots

You might be surprised that the rotating sign in this snippet was built using an unordered list (UL). Equally as impressive is that it uses pure CSS – no JavaScript necessary. The wood texture ties it all together with a realistic look.

See the Pen cpc-list-styles | UL directions by Mark Boots

Wooden Scrabble Tiles by Ryan Mulligan

Scrabble players will love these wooden letter tiles. The presentation uses Splitting.js to power the animation. It all makes for a fun and instantly-recognizable sight.

See the Pen Splitting Demo – Scrabble Tiles by Ryan Mulligan

Wooden Wonders Enhanced With Code

Natural looks like wood don’t represent a massive trend in web design. But in a way that makes them more powerful. When you come across a website that uses them, it tends to stand out.

The examples above all add elements of depth and texture. They’re also able to create a different mood than run-of-the-mill flat designs.

Perhaps they’re not a match for every type of website. But in the right instance, it’s an excellent option for going against the grain.

Want to see even more examples of wood textures in action? Check out our CodePen collection.

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