Cart.com partners with Google Cloud to accelerate global E-commerce

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Cart.com, the E-commerce as a service (ECaaS) provider, has entered into a strategic partnership with Google Cloud to bring advanced analytics to the 2,500 brands using its platform.

Founded last year during the global pandemic, the Texas-based company aims to democratise online retail by giving small brands the same end-to-end capabilities as the world’s largest online retailers.

Its product suite combines marketing, technology, and fulfilment capabilities into one interface with built-in data automation.

By partnering with Google Cloud, Cart.com hopes to make its product suite more seamless, whilst also opening up multiple pathways for further expansion.

Jim Anderson, managing director at Google Cloud, described the partnership as a “huge opportunity” for brands to provide personalised E-commerce experiences for their customers through better leveraging of their data.

Cart.com stated that the partnership will “accelerate the speed-to-value that data will provide across a brand’s ecosystem, equipping them with actionable intelligence to adjust procurement spend, modify promotional campaigns, or optimize revenue opportunities”.

Furthermore, working with Google Cloud will allow Cart.com to refine the development and monitoring of its AI and machine learning functions.

By leveraging Google’s capabilities, shoppers will benefit from more dynamic recommendations whilst brands will enjoy enhanced profit suggestions and Google Cloud’s global scalability.

Chase Zieman, chief data science officer at Cart.com, said: “Cart.com is committed to democratising access to world class E-commerce and data science for today’s top brands. Google Cloud was an obvious choice for us due to their innovation in these spaces.

“By working with the best minds at Google we’ll be able to bring innovative products to market even faster. Our commitment to the fluid integration and authentic harmonisation of data is one of the most strategic and organic building blocks for a brand. This foundation will unlock unparalleled advancements in the prescriptive automation of commerce everywhere.”

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