Our customers never stop building. And because they never stop, their
need for security, availability, performance, scalability, and
flexibility over how they choose to run their workloads never stop. At
AWS, we are customer obsessed, so we never stop building either. That is
why we have created more than 175 services, which we offer from 24 AWS
Regions around the world to give our customers the best possible cloud
experience, no matter where they are. We are excited to be announcing
plans to launch a second infrastructure region in Australia in the
second half of 2022. The new AWS Asia Pacific Region will be located in
the Australian city of Melbourne and will deliver even lower latency to
customers and their end users in Asia Pacific.

Launching our second Australian AWS Region brings many benefits to local
customers. The first comes in the form of availability – each AWS
Region is made up of multiple Availability Zones (AZs), which are one or
more discrete data centres with redundant power, networking, and
connectivity in an AWS Region. AZs give customers the ability to operate
production applications and databases that are more highly available,
fault tolerant, and scalable than would be possible from a single data
centre. The AWS Asia Pacific (Melbourne) Region will be made up of three
AZs, situated far enough apart to reduce the risk of a single event
impacting all of them, but close enough to provide the response times
needed to run high-performance applications. This means customers and
partners can now access an alternative in-country location for hosting
data and applications and enjoy an even higher level of confidence that
these services will be available when needed.

The new Australian Region demonstrates our continuing commitment in
Australia. Over the last decade, Amazon has invested more than AUD $3
billion in Australia, including infrastructure and compensation. AWS
first invested in Australian infrastructure in 2012 when we opened our
first local Development Centre in Sydney, then the AWS Asia Pacific
(Sydney) Region later that same year, delivering our technology to
thousands of organisations. Since then, local business innovation has
accelerated rapidly, and that’s what makes me most excited about opening
additional infrastructure to better support them. When the new region
opens in the second half of 2022, the AWS Asia Pacific (Melbourne)
Region will complement our existing Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region and
join eight
we already operate in Asia (with additional regions also in

Our investment and the growing adoption of cloud technologies is driving
tangible economic impact. According to research from Deloitte Access
Economics, the cloud has helped Australian organisations boost
productivity by AUD $9.4 billion from 2014-19 and helped Australian
companies launch on a global scale and innovate at speed. Opening a
second Australian AWS Region in Melbourne also brings our services
closer to our customers in south-eastern Australia, further improving
our already rapid responsiveness. More and more customers are moving
their mission-critical applications to AWS, and our new region will
encourage and support this by providing faster access to advanced
technologies such as analytics, machine learning (ML), database
services, and Internet of Things (IoT).

We are humbled to have hundreds of thousands of active customers using
AWS services in Australia each month, including startups,
small-to-medium-sized businesses, enterprises, government agencies,
education institutions, and non-profit organisations including the
Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), Woodside, David Jones, Network
Ten, Australia Post, National Australia Bank (NAB), The Australian
Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Kmart Group, Origin Energy, Telstra, Qantas,
Atlassian, Canva, Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research
Organisation (CSIRO), Hello Sunday, nib insurance, Siteminder, Afterpay,
Xero, David Jones, Myer, Safety Culture, SEEK, Australia Post,
Siteminder, Swinburne University, among many others.

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve been inspired by the stories of
builders around the world using AWS in very important ways to develop
and launch new services that are helping to combat the virus and lessen
its impact. One example is the Melbourne-based startup Elenium
Automation, which has worked with AWS and Etihad Airways to develop
systems to help people move through an airport using only their mobile
device and voice. Another example is Whispir, which has provided
flexible communications solutions to Australian government agencies and
private organisations to help them keep in touch with citizens during
the COVID-19 crisis, and Bigmate, which has created a system called
Thermy that can detect if a person has an elevated body temperature.

But the impact of rapid cloud adoption will be felt long after the
current crisis has passed. The public cloud is the springboard from
which organisations can quickly launch new services and solutions. It
enables them to experiment with ideas in a safe and cost-effective way
and service their customers at a speed that was never possible
previously. Customers can do all of this knowing we are committed to
providing the best possible privacy and security protections, including
the most extensive set of security and encryption services. AWS has
of our services in our Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region assessed at the
highest level (PROTECTED Status) to host Australian government data by
the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC). Customers can take
advantage of AWS’s security benefits without paying a price premium or
needing to modify their existing applications or environments.

And importantly, our customers can build in an environment that is
constantly becoming more sustainable and one that will be drawing 100
percent of its energy from renewable sources before the end of this
decade. In September 2019, we launched the Climate Pledge in conjunction
with the purpose-driven enterprise Global Optimism to achieve net-zero
carbon output by 2040 – a decade ahead of the goals set in 2015 by the
Paris Agreement and we’re on path to drawing 100 percent of our energy
needs from renewable sources by 2025.

By opening our new Asia Pacific (Melbourne) Region, we intend to
create countless opportunities for organisations of all sizes to do
great things in the world, and we look forward to being inspired as
builders and innovators achieve even more over the coming years.***

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