The US trade war extends from 5G to cloud – with more disinformation and distraction

Bill Mew is CEO of cyber crisis management firm He is a former member of the global leadership team for IBM Financial Services Sector and former Cloud Strategist for top UK cloud player and government sector market leader UKCloud. Bill is also a leading global advocate for digital ethics and striking the right balance between meaningful protection (privacy, security) and maximising economic and social value (digital transformation, cloud, smart cities). Not only is he the top global social influencer for high profile topics such as privacy, but he also appears regularly on international broadcast TV and radio as an expert on digital ethics, data privacy, social media regulation and digital transformation – having more broadcast airtime than any other UK technologist.

Comment We have already witnessed how the US administration’s campaign against Huawei succeeded in reversing the UK government’s original decision to allow Huawei to participate in the UK 5G rollout. Even as questions are being raised about the necessity and the economic consequences of this ban, the US is now stepping up its campaign by focusing on Huawei’s cloud business as well. This comes as a strangely welcome distraction for US cloud players that have recently been found to all…

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