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This week, we collaborated with Adobe to organised the Magento Meetup at Chandigarh.

On 3rd December, our CEO, Arun Bansal, shared his insights on scaling the Magento Store at the Magento Meetup.

Arun Bansal speaking about Scaling Magento

The whole event was dedicated to eCommerce Industry, optimum tech stack and the best ways for the development of Magento store. It was insightful for the developers and business owners.

The attendees got a chance to interact with the speakers directly and ask their questions.

The Meetup Plan:

Topics Discussed:

  • Why it is important to get Magento Certified? by Joseph Maxwell
  • Magento B2B Landscape from India Perspective by Vivek Raina
  • Scaling Magento by Arun Bansal (CEO of ServerGuy and
  • The Art of Requirement Gathering by Vikrant Shukla
  • Achieving high performance and scalability using Magento – Boutiqaat Case Study by Kamendra Kumar Rao

The Meetup was indeed very successful. Both speaker and attendees learned a lot from each other.

This event provided an excellent opportunity to network with others from the Magento community and learn a bit more about how others are using Magento.

ServerGuy distributed the Magento Swag Mugs to the attendees.

ServerGuy Swag Cups

Event Pics:

Magento Meetup Chandigarh
Magento Meetup Chandigarh
Magento Meetup Chandigarh
1166714 Magento Meetup Chandigarh


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