Are you looking for comparison of CloudFlare Vs Sucuri?

Both CloudFlare and Sucuri offer website firewall, DDoS protection, and CDN.

Seeing security threats today, website security has become essentially critical.

Before we dig deeper into the comparison, here’s the bottom line – There’s no best security service. It depends on your demands and which fits your situation perfectly at that moment.

Unfolding CloudFlare Vs Sucuri as a Service

The main difference between CloudFlare and Sucuri is that CloudFlare is optimally a better Content Delivery System than a security service provider. Sucuri offers complete security service to protect your site from overall Internet threats. Sucuri does not have a free alternative, though, CloudFlare does provide a free account with limited functions.

These website’s security services offer a website application firewall (WAF). By WAF, it means your website’s traffic goes through the server scanners. If there’s any malicious request, then the firewall would block it before it reaches your website.

Although Sucuri and CloudFlare are nearly identical, they differ in features, pricing and malware removal services.

Let’s discover the differences in depth.

  1. Pricing
  2. Features
  3. Malware Removal Service

1. Pricing

Money is important. Period.

It becomes even more critical if you are a startup or a small business. But you need to know that free is not always better.

1.1. CloudFlare Price

It offers a free CDN service for all. You won’t be charged for the bandwidth i.e., you will be able to use their CDN services for free regardless of your traffic volume.

What you won’t have?

This free plan won’t include Website Application Firewall. Although your website will be protected against DDoS attacks, bad traffic, spam, etc. But to include WAF, you need the Pro Plan that costs $20/month. This will provide basic security for your website. However, you will miss out on custom SSL, advanced DDoS support which is available in the Business plan. For enterprise-grade DDoS mitigation (Layer 3,4 & 7), you will need to upgrade to Enterprise plan.

cloudflare plan features

1.2. Sucuri Price

There’s no free plan with Sucuri. Their website security stack plan starts at $199.99/year, which costs you less than CloudFlare’s Pro Plan. This will include full website monitoring, DDoS protection, free LetsEncrypt SSL certificate, malware removal and WAF.

They offer 24*7 support in all their plans along with Live Chat support.

sucuri plan

Sucuri vs CloudFlare: What to choose?

Sucuri is cost-effective when it comes to small businesses. CloudFlare Pro costs $240/year vs Sucuri’s basic plan $199/year offering more features than CloudFlare.

2. Features

It is important to note that CloudFlare and Sucuri offer different plans with different sets of features. Analyze your requirements before making a decision.

2.1. CloudFlare Features

  • Most people opt for CloudFlare for their free CDN service.
  • They are pioneers in mitigating DDoS attacks using their Website Application Firewall product.
  • It keeps your site available to visitors under heavy traffic or an attack when your servers are unresponsive.
  • Their firewall blocks suspicious traffic before it reaches your website.
  • It even protects your website from registration spam and comments spam.
  • Free and Custom SSL certificates included with all their plans. Free and Pro plans only allow you to use CloudFlare issued certs. For the custom certificate, you have to choose their Enterprise or Business plan.
  • You will need a paid plan for using WAF on your website.
  • There’s no server scanning service and malware removal guarantee.
cloudflare vs sucuri

2.2. Sucuri Features

  • One of the most trusted website monitoring & security services.
  • It offers comprehensive scanning for malware, website monitoring, malware removal services, and DDoS protection.
  • Sucuri offers CloudProxy which is a loading balancing and website firewall service. It helps in blocking suspicious traffic from reaching your website by blocking bad bots, code injections, and other website threats.
  • It offers free Let’s Encrypt SSL for their basic plan. You need to upgrade to professional and business plans for using custom SSL certificates.
  • Scans your website regularly for malware, code injection, and file changes. They clean up hacked sites and support WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and all other popular CMS software.
cloudflare vs sucuri

CloudFlare vs Sucuri: What to Choose?

Sucuri offers a better combination of tools and services like WAF, Load balancing, Hack Repair etc.

3. Malware Removal Service

Other than DDoS attacks, one of the most common threats faced by website owners is code injections and malware attacks.

3.1. CloudFlare Malware Cleaning Service

CloudFlare’s free version is a CDN which simply makes your website fast.

For Website Security Firewall, you need to go with their paid plan. It includes ready to use custom rules which protects your website from common code injection hacks, form submissions, JavaScript exploits, and XSS.

Blacklist monitoring, malware scanning, and file change detection aren’t included.

3.2. Sucuri Malware Cleaning Service

Sucuri offers WAF which protects you against comment and contact form spam, JavaScript injections, XSS, SQL injections, DDoS, etc. However, if some threat reaches your website, they offer a free clean up for it. In fact, Sucuri also provides remote malware monitoring to its clients.

What to Choose?

Sucuri is a clear winner in between Cloudflare vs Sucuri here offering a combination of services and website clean up if required.


Between CloudFlare vs Sucuri, which one is better for security purposes?

When it comes to security, Sucuri is better than CloudFlare, as to secure the site from all kinds of web threats is the primary function of the Sucuri. Sucuri is a widely known and popular brand among web firewall providers.

Does Sucuri have CDN?

Yes, Sucuri does provide CDN, but CloudFlare is better when it comes to CDN. It has a large network and a popular CDN service. much popular use CloudFlare only for the free CDN.

Conclusion: CoudFlare vs Sucuri?

In CloudFlare vs Sucuri, Sucuri takes the lead in every aspect. Sucuri helps you prepare your website better for security.

Sucuri has lower prices and better security and monitoring services when compared to CloudFlare. But CloudFlare provides free option too, that bloggers use frequently.

We at ServerGuy offer Sucuri Security with the Hosting. FREE.

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