The official source of Magento extensions, Magento Connect is going to shut down this month. The Magento Marketplace which was introduced last year will become the official Magento-sanctioned repository of extensions.

Without Magento extensions, e-commerce applications/platforms might not be that powerful and popular.

How Is Magento Marketplace Better than Magento Connect?

Although Magento Connect has acted as an official source of Magento Extensions for several years, there are a lot of loopholes. Amending these flaws, the new Magento Marketplace is will offer an improved experience to you.

1. Striking New Feature of Magento Marketplace:

A comprehensive review of submitted extensions. All the extensions are submitted to a 3-phase review process. This includes business, marketing, and technical assessment which makes the extension-eligible for the marketplace.

Business Review Guidelines

Ensures the extension is able to solve a real problem. The extensions will be declined if they don’t offer sufficient interest.

Technical Review Guidelines

Checks if extension abides by the various standard or not. Using automated QA testing, the extension is assessed on minimum technical expectations. For instance, it cleanly installs and integrates fine with Magento or not.

Marketing Phase Guidelines


It ensures if the marketing materials conform to the expected high standards in the marketplace along with proper grammar and spelling in extension documentation and description.

The goal of the 3-phase review is to provide a better experience to the users and developers.

Other Improvements in Magento Marketplace

  1. A brand new interface
  2. A modern and approachable solution for extension management, promotion & discovery
  3. Enforces stricter guidelines for extension submission
  4. A rationally architected site layout and improved search.
  5. Easier to find the best-fit extensions by providing a search for relevant results.
  6. There are a lot of store-like features like accounts for tracking purchases and other crucial information.


With these improvements, Magento is a step forward in ensuring high-quality plugins to its users and ensures easy discoverability and trust among the community. Best Managed Magento Hosting enables you to boost speed, security and delivers 100% uptime.

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