EC2 price reduction comes soon after Google Cloud Platform announced Committed Use Discounts, Amazon has taken a step ahead by reducing its prices.

Yesterday, Amazon made its 61st AWS EC2 Price Reduction.

In order to meet the wide range of preferences of its customer, they have added 3 Year No Upfront Standard Reserved Instances for most of the current generation instance types.

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Along with reducing the prices, AWS has provided its customers with an option to help them optimize their use of web services.

For instance, Reserved Instances allow Amazon EC2 users to obtain a significant discount when compared to On-Demand Pricing as well as a capacity reservation when used in a specific Availability Zone.

They have reduced prices for No Upfront Reserved Instance, General Purpose M4 Instances (both On-Demand and RI), and Convertible Reserved Instances.

Here are the average reductions for No Upfront Reserved Instances for Linux for different areas:

US East (Northern Virginia) US West (Oregon) EU (Ireland) Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Asia Pacific (Singapore)
C4 -11% -11% -10% -10% -9%
M4 -16% -16% -16% -16% -17%
R4 -10% -10% -10% -10% -10%

This table shows average reductions for Convertible Reserved Instances for Linux:

US East (Northern Virginia) US West (Oregon) EU (Ireland) Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Asia Pacific (Singapore)
C4 -13% -13% -5% -5% -11%
M4 -19% -19% -17% -15% -21%
R4 -15% -15% -15% -15% -15%

Similar reductions will go into effect for nearly all of the other regions as well.


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