Security is one aspect that is neglected by a lot of Magento store owners and developers.

While you are running around growing your business, there could well be someone trying to break in, and if that happens, a profitable peak season can rapidly become a security disaster.

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We created a checklist that ensures almost 99% protection from any such attempts to break in.

Securing Magento from vulnerabilities secure magento
  • Use strong passwords (combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters) and keep changing them regularly.
  • Change the Magento admin URL to a non-standard one like ‘/backend-1023’
  • Ensure that sensitive information stored in /var directory is not accessible to anyone publicly.
  • Download and apply all Magento patches to your store.
  • Enable SSL on your website URL’s where transactions are involved.
  • Install the WordPress blog (if applicable) to a separate Virtual host.
  • Ensure your file and folder permissions are correct.
  • Any vulnerable plugins like ‘Magmi’ must be password protected or disabled.
  • Regularly scan your Magento store for any malware infection.
  • Take regular offsite backups of your files as well as databases.

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We also take care of all the Magento Security best practices to minimise any such hacks and exploits.

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