I have always been very fortunate to meet our AWS customers where they
have most impact, at their customers. Many of these AWS customers are
solving really hard human problems, in ways that is extremely inspiring
for any builder, like me. That became the inspiration for the Now Go
Build series that chronicles my conversations with these innovators and
their customers.

In the first season, we had a wonderful diverse group of young
businesses showing their impact on the world. From providing identity to
smallholder farms in Indonesia to healthcare in Brazil and conservation
in South Africa.

The second season that we are launching today will again have four
wonderful stories. In the coming weeks I will go into more detail, but
these are the first three:

Episode 1 will feature
Zwende from Bengaluru, who bring age old
artforms to life by enabling artists to apply their skills to a broader
set of products. And thus enable a much larger audience to get access to
more modern products combined with centuries old art forms. The passion
of this team was unbelievable.

Episode 2 features the Humanitarian Open Streetmap
Team in the Philippines. Commercial mapping
services only map those parts of this world that are commercially
interesting, meaning that large parts of our world are not mapped at all
and the people living there are not “seen”. Which in times of natural
disasters means that those who are not seen cannot be reached. The team
solves this with very unique crowdsourcing tools.

For episode 3 we went to Tokyo to meet the innovators that are trying to
solve Japan’s aging problem. Japan has a growing elderly population but
with less and less people to care for them. In this episode we will meet
different innovators that are all contributing solutions in very
different ways.

You can also find the episodes on Prime

I’ll tell you more about these episodes in the coming weeks.

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